size, servings, prices

** A tier is a different sized cake on the top or bottom.**
** To calculate a tiered cake, simply add the prices together of the sizes you choose**
**You can cut slices of each cake and then cut in half again to get more serves as each cake is 4 layers high**


6 inch feeds up to 24 dessert serves

from $160 Decorated 4 layers
$120 Naked style 4 Layers


8 inch feeds up to 40 Dessert serves

from $220 decorated 4 layers

$190 Naked Style 4 layers

10 inch feeds up to 52 Dessert Serves   

 from $350 decorated 4 Layers

$310 Naked style 4 layers

12 inch feeds up to 80 Dessert Serves

from $430 decorated 4 layers

$390 Naked Style 4 layers


Fondant decorations such as bows, ribbons, simple decorations included in price

FOR FRESH FLOWERS please contact Rosita's Floral Service, or your chosen floral designer for a quote. Please pay them directly and I will organise pickup and preparation before placing them on your cake.


Fondant characters $15-$30 depending on style.

Ruffles will be quoted dependent on size of cake chosen.



Cupcakes start at $50 per dozen.
Lemon meringues $4 Small, $7 Medium
Cookies individually packaged-hand painted $3.50
Chocolate Brownies $5
GF Friands $5.50
Vegan GF Slice $7.50
Cronuts $7
Nutella Donuts $7
Macarons $3.50

Prices are indicative only.


Please know your cake is prepared in a council certified kitchen with a food safety supervisor preparing your creation.

 cake flavours

For all carved/3D cakes, mudcake will need to be used. 

* Chocolate mud

* White Chocolate mud

* Caramel Mud

* Red Velvet

* Lemon Poppyseed

* Vanilla
* Orange Zest
*Mango Coconut
*Dragon fruit & Vanilla
* White Chocolate Raspberry

* Chocolate Coconut (Vegan)

* Chocolate Mudcake (GF) Additional cost

* Vanilla Mudcake (GF) Additonal cost

cake fillings

From November to March, I will only use Ganache as it will withstand the heat of our local climate. 
You can have an option of a side of buttercream for $10/bowl.

* Dark Chocolate Ganache

* White chocolate ganache
* Caramel Ganache


* Caramel Buttercream

* Vanilla bean buttercream

* Mocha Buttercream

* Chocolate buttercream

* Lemon twist  buttercream

* White chocolate buttercream

* Lime and coconut buttercream

* Chocolate coconut ganache (vegan)