* Chocolate mud

* White Chocolate mud

* Caramel Mud

* Red Velvet

* Lemon Poppyseed

* Vanilla
* Orange Zest

* Chocolate Coconut (Vegan)

* Chocolate Mudcake (GF) Additional cost

* Vanilla Mudcake (GF) Additonal cost


If you have a flavour in mind that is not listed here, please contact my and let me know. I can make a specialised flavour to suit your tastes. 

 cake flavours

cake fillings

From November to March, I recommend Ganache as it stands up to heat better than buttercream. 

* Dark Chocolate Ganache

* White chocolate ganache

* Caramel Buttercream

* Vanilla bean buttercream

* Mocha Buttercream

* Chocolate buttercream

* Lemon twist  buttercream

* White chocolate buttercream

* Lime and coconut buttercream

* Chocolate coconut ganache (vegan)