Look no further for your cake decorator!. With a super tasty cake and dessert menu, let me help you come up with the perfect option for you . From cakes to donut towers, lemon meringue tarts and cupcakes, there are so many options for your special day. Click the contact button for more info and a free quote. 

Three & Four

tiered cakes

I couldn’t wait!! I had to post it lol
How epic are these pics by _neatonphotog
Thank you to Mr & Mrs Shepard for orderi
_kirk_owers you have done it again! _The
Elegant ombre
Beautiful simplicity
Stunning naked cake with drip
Ruffle Laced goddess
Country chic
Chocolate gold.
A unique love
Laced beauty
Textured tower
The wonder within. Tropical Geode
Brushed bronze
The Texured traveller
Double sided love.
Ocean dreams
Ruffled gold goddess
fuller coverage with gold drip
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Two Tier cakes

2 Tier golden splash beauty
8 inch and 6 inch two tiered cake.
Total cost $360 including gold. Flower prep and placement.
2 tier ruffle/naked cake.
Total cost $360 including ruffles.
A golden drip wedding cake for a gorgeou
2 tiered naked style cake
8 and 6 inch tiers. Total cost $310 including flower preparation and placement
2 tiered tree themed cake
two tier 8 and 6 inch cake $380
Cupcakes $50/dozen
2 tier extended height cake.
2 tier extended height in 8 and 6 inch $420
2 tier ombre blue with frangipani's
2 tier chocolate ganache covered cak
2 tiered choc ganache cake with drip
2 tiered square wedding cake
2 tiered cake with textured icing
2 tier naked style cake
2 tiered naked cake with gold drip
2 tiered naked cake with gold drip
2 tier semi naked cake with drip
2 tiered love birds cake.
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Single Tier

cakes and desserts

Single tier 6 inch with cupcakes
This is a decorated 6 inch cake
Cost- Cake $160
Cupcakes $50/Dozen
Single tier 6 inch with cupcakes
Single tier 6 inch
Total cost for this cake was $180 including flowers.
Sugar flowers and pink piping
This is an 8 inch decorated cake with hand piped details and sugar flowers. Total cost for this was $320.
Single tier 6 inch cake with cupcake
This is a decorated 6 inch cake 2 layer for $90. Cupcakes were $50/ dozen
Single tier pretty in pink
Decorated 6 inch cake $160
Single tier 6 inch with cupcakes
Naked 4 layer cake $120. Cupcakes $50/dozen
Lace wrappers $12/10
Single tier 6 inch
decorated 6 inch $160 including flowers which were $30
single tier 6 inch with cupcakes
Naked 6 inch, 4 layer cake for $120. Cupcakes $50/dozen.
Lace cupcake wraps $12/10
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